To Cursillo or not to Cursillo?

You may or may not have already ‘made your Cursillo’ (attended a Cursillo Weekend), but if you are reading this page you will be curious about us, and how Cursillo works in this Diocese.

Although Cursillo is a Lay led organisation, there is some value in Clergy attending a weekend. It is a good opportunity for you to re-engage with the basics of your faith, and explore your ongoing relationship with God. We often encourage Clergy to attend ‘out of Diocese’, this helps them to stay incognito, and allows them to relax with no expectations on them.

Attending a weekend helps also you to engage with Cursillistas (those who have attended  a Cursillo weekend) in your parish with some understanding.

Let us start by saying what Cursillo is NOT:-

* It is not an ‘in club’ or a secret society

* There are no special privileges

* Cursillo will not give its members any special insights

* Cursillo should not set up cliques, in a parish


* It IS a great way of encouraging discipleship

* It is a great way of building community

* Those who attend Cursillo are commissioned to serve – and that means serving in your parish

Cursillo in your parish

We believe that Cursillo is a great way of building community; and encouraging discipleship and service in a parish. If handled well, it is proven to grow vocations, and should support ‘Growing in Depth’ (Growing in God).

If someone in your  parish applies to come on a weekend, they will ask you first, and we will write to you to let you know where and when they will be attending, and invite you to the closing Eucharist, where they will be commissioned to go back into their parishes.

Cursillistas in your parish should be meeting in small groups to study and encourage one another – the backbone of the organisation. We are hoping that clergy will encourage this, keeping in touch with how groups are going and whether they are happening. If you experience any issues, we are more than happy to help out where appropriate, and give advice and support.

Some Cursillistas serve on weekends, we do ask them to check with their parish clergy before committing – our aim is NOT to draw them away from their parish service, their work with us should enhance what they do with you.

We would be more than happy to come and have an informal chat, or talk to your PCC or Deanery Chapter about Cursillo further.

We would encourage you to celebrate Cursillo where possible, praying for congregation members during the intercessions, while they attend their weekend, or ‘staff’, and welcoming new cursillistas back into the parish after their weekend. We can provide a short piece of liturgy to slot into your service if that would help click here. Encourage them to become involved, they could form the bedrock of your pastoral and worship teams.




Spiritual Advisers

Clergy who have undertaken Cursillo, may be asked, if they are interested to serve as Spiritual Advisers on the Cursillo weekends, and at Ultreya’s (diocesan celebrations and reunions). This is good fun, as well as a privilege, walking alongside those who are exploring their faith. We do have to charge for board, but there are bursaries available.

The Diocesan Spiritual Director has oversight of the Spiritual path of Cursillo, under the supervision of the Bishop, and works closely with the Lay Director, the Lay Rector and the Committee. The SAs work alongside the Spiritual Director. We are going through a period of reassessment and reorganisation at the moment, but we hope that SAs will become more involved, meeting with the SD a couple of times a year for training and fellowship.

Please do not hesitate to contact either the Spiritual Director or Assistant Spiritual Director if you want to find out more, discuss Cursillo in your parish, or get more involved. Click here

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