Small Groups and Ultreyas

Our small group meetings and regional reunions (Ultreyas) form the backbone of Cursillo's activities away from the weekend and we believe are our greatest gift. 


By the time you attend a Cursillo weekend, we hope that your sponsor will have introduced you to our small group meetings, and you should have begun to appreciate the simplicity of the Cursillo method of discipleship. 


Small groups meet together regularly to encourage each other to grow in faith and discipleship by sharing in trust where we have seen God at work, what we have learnt and how we have met God in the world. 


Through these regular meetings, we encourage each other to grow in  active faith, and develop our relationship with God. These groups are regular, and informal and may include those who have not yet completed their weekend.







They also help to strengthen our local church communities by encouraging others in discipleship and action, as we share our experiences with them.

We are happy to give advice on small groups, or put you in touch with a group in your area. Click here

Regional Reunions - Ultreyas

Ultreyas are regional gatherings, which give us the chance to meet together to catch up,  worship, pray, eat and share experiences. They are a chance to encourage  each other and build much needed links in our rural county with other like minded Christians.

At present we have 4 major Ultreyas a year, but smaller Ultreya meetings may occur on a local basis.They are usually attended by the lay and spiritual directors, and members of the organising Committee.

Small group reunion leaflet

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Traditional Small Group Reunion leaflet

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