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  Historically, two Cursillo weekends had been held in our diocese

  each year but more recently the second one has been an Annual

  Retreat. This is usually held at The Pleasaunce in Overstrand on a

  Friday and Saturday.

  The retreat offers an opportunity for Cursillistas to come away from 

  their busy lives to rest, relax, share worship and fellowship, and

  take time to be with God.


  Structure of the weekend


  Opening Eucharist

  2 Bible Study sessions

  Evening Prayer and Compline


  Morning Prayer

  2 Bible Study sessions

  Closing Eucharist - Sent out to serve

  Time is set aside for

  Personal prayer


  Opportunities to walk in the grounds or along the coastline.

  For those who want to be in silence the retreat offers

  Prayer stations

  A Silent Room

  For those who want to be creative

  Craft activities

  Bible journaling

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