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   BACC holds the Cursillo Licence for Anglican churches in the UK

   which means that any Cursillo movement within the Anglican

   Communion in the UK has to belong to BACC.


   The Council is made up of three representatives from each

   Cursillo: the Lay Director, the Spiritual Director and an

   individual appointed by each Cursillo called the BACC Rep.

   These representatives attend BAC Council meetings twice a

   year on behalf of Diocesan Cursillos.


​   BACC Aims

            To encourage and support new and existing

            Cursillo Dioceses.

            To ensure there is consistency in the use of the

            Cursillo method.

            To promote Cursillo nationally.


BACC is currently working on a new website.

In our wider region, Cursillo is in Ely, Norwich and Lincoln.




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