Lauren Moore illustration He is there 2.

 Illustration by Lauren Moore

  Go find,

  He is in every unmarked small act of 


  He is in every heart

  In your heart

  Listen and look.

  He is right there.

Extracts: The Missing Christ by Anne Munday


   Sometimes, people may feel that Cursillo is exclusive with a

   language of its own. It is simply that certain Spanish words -

   De Colores, Ultreya and Cursillistas - become part of the every-

   day vocabulary of everyone who attends a Cursillo Weekend.

   Use of the Cursillo vocabulary honours Cursillo's Spanish origin      and becomes a shorthand for the communication of God's grace

   through the contemplation of Christian Life together.

   For Cursillistas the words are a reminder of a special time spent

   reflecting on God's loving grace and continued encouragement

   to persevere in our faith through the challenges of life. To rest

   in the presence of God, act in His grace and live the Christian 


   The Language of Cursillo Explained

   Cursillo - short course; series of lectures

   Cursillista - Cursillo participant. Cursillistas - Plural.

   De Colores - in colours

   In the Cursillo movement, being "in colours" is to be in God's

   grace. For that reason, Cursillistas (Cursillo participants )often

   sign off or greet each other with the phrase "De Colores"

   Ultreya - heading onwards or reaching beyond.

               - a Group meeting. 20th Century concept, from the

   global spread of the word through the Cursillo movement.

   If you are familiar with the Camino de Santiago - the Pilgrimage

   way to Santiago de Compostela - you may already know the 

   word 'Ultreya!' A greeting of encouragement to Keep Going!,

   pilgrims shout to each other along the way.