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  Ultreyas are larger meetings of the Cursillo Community, led by

  the Lay and Spiritual Directors. They are held for anyone who

  has attended their Cursillo to continue to build our faith together.


  Ultreyas are an opportunity for the smaller groups to join

  together for fellowship, encouragement, worship and witness,

  and sometimes a shared meal. They can be between Cursillistas

  from one or several communities. 

  There are 4 Diocesan Ultreya a year, including the annual 

  Cursillo Eucharist, and a number of smaller local Ultreyas.


  Ultreya Elements


  Opening prayers

  Break out Small Groups 

  Cursillista Witness Talk about a recent personal faith journey

  Comments from attendees.

  Formal response from the Spiritual Adviser.



  Anyone who has attended a Cursillo Weekend is welcome, along

  with anyone who wants to come with a Cursillista and explore

  whether Cursillo may be helpful to them.

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