Local Contacts: 

Diocesan Lay Director and Safeguarding Officer

Sarah Lock

Tel:01359 271877 

Email: ldstedsipscursillo@gmail.com

Diocesan Spiritual Director

Revd Jenny Seggar

Tel: 01473 747819

Email: sdedsipscursillo@gmail.com

Assistant Diocesan Spiritual Director

Revd Canon Julia Lall

Tel: 01379 678064

Email: asdstedsipscursillo@gmail.com

Diocesan Bookings Secretary

Brenda Stanley

Tel: 01379 678003

Email: bsstedsipscursillo@gmail.com

Palanca Secretary

Ian Jeffreys

Tel: 01449 721346

Email: eds.ipspalanca@gmail.com.

Lay Rector Cursillo #39

Chrissie Trendall

Tel: 07743 324866

Email: lredsipscursillo@gmail.com

National Contacts: 

British Anglican Cursillo Council (BACC)




BACC National President

Trevor King



BACC National Spiritual Director

Revd Cynthia Hebden nsd@anglicancursillo.co.uk



British Anglican Cursillo Council


Diocesan Safeguarding Contact

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