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  A Cursillo Weekend is often held at Leiston. Courses can

  be two or three days long, usually ending on a Sunday afternoon.


  All weekends are led by a team of lay and clergy, who have

  experienced a Cursillo weekend themselves and are delighted to

  support, encourage and walk alongside a new group.

  Those attending a weekend are known as Pilgrims.


  Cursillo Weekend Elements

  Fifteen short talks

  Five meditations

  Small Group Discussions

  Communal Acts of Worship

  Space for private prayer

  Spiritual Direction

  During the weekend pilgrims and staff are on a journey

  from arrival to the final Eucharist: thinking, praying,

  laughing and crying together.

  After the weekend pilgrims are called Cursillistas.

  Anyone not already part of a small group reunion,

  is invited to join one.






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