Sadly Our Cursillo weekend (Eds and Ips #40) had to be cancelled

We pray for Leistothe Pilgrims and the Cursillo Team.

A Cursillo weekend is three days long, normally running from Thursday evening through to Sunday afternoon. All weekends are led by a team of lay people and clergy, who have all experienced a Cursillo weekend themselves.

During the weekend, in an informal atmosphere, the participants (Cursillistas) will live, worship and learn together.


Fifteen short talks will be given by the leaders on some of the main areas of Christian life and faith, such as grace, faith and action. These areas will also be discussed in group workshops, and reinforced with prayer and quiet reflection.

There is a communion service each day, and a number of other forms of worship for times of quiet reflection and prayer. 

Whilst the programme is quite full,  we also build in time for rest and reflection, and there are spiritual advisors available to encourage and support.

Who can come on a weekend?

Anyone who is a baptised member of the Anglican church, who is wishing to develop their faith and grow in their relationship with God can come on a weekend. 


The supportive nature of the organisation means that you will need to be sponsored by someone who has attended Cursillo already, and they should be prepared to support you through the preparation for your weekend, and afterwards. 


We advise that you attend a small group with your sponsor for a few months before coming on a weekend, to learn how Cursillo works, and that they continue to meet with you afterwards. 


There is a cost for the weekend, but there are bursaries or part bursaries available, and for those in licensed ministry CME grants may be available.

If you are interested you can contact the Lay Director, or the Spiritual Director, who will be pleased to talk to you further and link you with someone in your area. 


Click here for contacts page.


What do I get out of the Weekend?

Cursillo weekends are a great way to meet people who have a common desire to deepen their relationship with God. They break away from the routine of service-based worship and bring a strengthening of Christian commitment within a community. It is an opportunity to discover our personal gifts and use them for Christian service and leadership, so that we can build up the witness of the Church in the world that both may be renewed and transformed.

What happens after the Weekend?

Following the weekend, we hope that you will be welcomed back into a small group. Small groups form the backbone of the Cursillo movement: they meet regularly to support and encourage each other in prayer, study and action; they are an essential part of our discipline; and they help to build us up as individuals and as a community. Diocesan and National Ultreyas (bigger meetings) are held annually, and give an opportunity for people to meet and share their experiences, for example, of a Cursillo weekend.

Cursillistas are also encouraged to find a ‘Spiritual Director’, a person who has experience and maturity in following a life with Christ, to help guide and pray for the Cursillista during their spiritual journey.

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